Michelle Art Studio

About me...

I was first introduced to fine art by my aunt in the mid-80s. I painted in fits and starts, on and off over the next thirty-five years. No matter how often life got in the way, painting was always in the back of my mind.  I look at a beautiful scene and am hit with the urge to capture the feeling and the mood that a picture doesn’t always convey.  Painting is my filter.

I mostly paint with oil paint, but have also expanded into watercolor.  Although I love painting still life and animals, my passion is for landscape paintings. Traveling with my husband and family to Inish More, Aran Islands, Ireland leaves me (and my camera) full of images that take my breath away.  As I drive down the streets of my little town of Norfolk, Massachusetts, a well planted garden, an unexpected color, a beautiful sunset, or the fall foliage can make me pull over with my camera to take a reference photo for future paintings.  As a sailor, I am also drawn to the sea, boats, and the coastlines of Narragansett Bay.  

I am happy and I lose myself when I paint.  I prefer not to say that being an artist is my dream.  Dreams seem ethereal and can seem unattainable.  Painting is my ‘Thing’.  I truly believe everyone has and needs a Thing.  A Thing that is their own, a Thing that makes them happy and gives them focus.  So, rather than encouraging others to follow their dreams, I encourage everyone to find their Thing!  Finding your thing is a wonderful journey and I'd love to hear about yours and thank you for being part of mine. 

Michelle Quinn, Norfolk, MA